Posted by: sakalaradiance | October 14, 2008

Seven Steps to Eating For a More Balanced State

Excerpts from Nourishing Body and Soul by Deepak Chopra, David Simon and Leanne Baker.

1. Eat a wide variety of foods during the day.

Up until about 10,000 years ago, we spent most of our days hunting and gathering food. During the course of a day, we sampled dozens if not hundreds of food sources. In addition to any animal protein we could snare, we ate a diverse range of roots, leaves, fruits, nuts, berries, beans, mushrooms, and seeds…The average Western diet is much more limited in variety, and as a result we miss out on the extensive natural pharmacy that is available.

2. Listen to your body’s signals of hunger and satiety.

Your appetite is your ally. Listen to it. You probably don’t go to the gas station when your fuel tank is half full. Don’t sit down at the meal table if your stomach is half full.  Consider your appetite as a fuel guage from 0 (completely empty) to 10 (stuffed).

3. Use food to fill the emptiness in your stomach, not your heart.

We learn to associate comfort with food at an early age. As adults we sometimes seek food for its soothing, rather than nutritional, properties. This often results in poor digestion, disturbed sleep and weight gain. Use food to feed your body. Develp conscious communication skills to fill your heart.

4. If the meal isn’t delicious, it isn’t nourishing you.

If you are struggling with a diet that you believe is good for you,  but do not find at all appetizing, it will not ultimately be nourishing and you will not be able to stay with it for long…you do not have to sacrifice delicious meals for good health.

5. Favor foods that are natural and vital.

To the extent possible, favor fruits and vegetables that are locally grown, freshly harvested, and prepared as soon as possible after picking. Not only are they more delicious, but you are sending your body the message that it is receiving the highest quality health-promoting nutrients.

6. Use herbs and spices liberally as both flavor and health enhancers.

Become familiar with the culinary and health-promoting effects of herbs and spices and use them generously. Even the simplest quickly prepared meal can be transformed into a culinary delight through the appropriate use of seasonings.

7. Eat with awareness.

A principle of Ayurveda is: How you eat is as important as what you eat. If you gobble down your meal while driving or watching television, it will not be as nourishing or life supporting as when you eat with awareness. Savor your food through all five senses.


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