Posted by: sakalaradiance | October 31, 2008

Real Halloween Treats, not Sugary Tricks


Real Halloween Treats, not Sugary Tricks

By Cait Johnson, Assistant Producer of Care2 Healthy Living Channels.

Anyone with young children has probably seen first-hand the effects of Halloween candy overload on sensitive systems. Yipes! But we don’t want to be killjoys: trick-or-treating is a magical part of the Halloween experience. So here are some great ideas for alternatives to the candy bars and other sugary horrors that will fill most kids’ trick-or-treat bags this Halloween.

These easy-to-find imaginative treats won’t add to the sugar load, only to the fun!

Food Treats
These make healthier alternatives to the usual glut of sugary stuff:

Small boxes of organic raisins
Bags of trail mix or peanuts in the shell
Envelopes of instant cocoa
Organic mozzarella sticks
All-natural 100 percent juice boxes
Healthy chewing gum (natural flavors and sweeteners, no dyes)
Sun Drops (sort of like dye-free M&Ms)
Small boxes of healthy cookies or crackers

Non-Food Treats
I live in a village where she gets upwards of 150 trick-or-treaters. If you get mobbed at Halloween, you could try my method: I cleaned out her piggy bank and doled out the spare change. My little ghoulies and ghosties were thrilled.

Other fun ideas for non-edibles include rubber spiders, stickers, small packets of crayons or markers, pencils with fun-shaped erasers, miniature pumpkins, or small charms. Look in your local dollar store for fun and inexpensive goodies.

Happy Halloween!


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