Posted by: sakalaradiance | November 13, 2008

Greening Up Baby!

This eco tidbit comes to us from in honor of my friend and associate Heather, who just had baby, little Quincy Rose. Now, Heather is a very eco conscious mom, but this statistic floored me.
The Great Diaper Debate:

Americans throw away 570 diapers per second, 49 million diapers per day, and spend upwards of $2,000 in diapers per child. What’s more, these diapers will still be in landfills 300 years from now. Consider using, even for part of the time, reusable cloth or biodegradable diapers.

Check out Seventh Generation for safe and eco friendly baby products at and for diapers that are compostable, flushable or tossable. 


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