Posted by: sakalaradiance | December 2, 2008

Another Superstar Ingredient with Legendary Healing Powers

Holy Basil or Tulsi


This powerhouse ingredient known for it’s healing and regenerative properties can be found in the following DoshaCare products:

Vata elixir, pitta cleanser, pitta masque, pitta moisturizer, pitta elixir, kapha cleanser, kapha masque, kapha elixir, sakala environmental shield, sakala sunscreen and the sakala eye and neck balm.


In India, the herb Tulsi also called holy basil (sometimes spelled “Tulasi”) has been widely known for its health promoting and medicinal value for thousands of years. Commonly called sacred or holy basil, it is a principal herb of Ayurveda, the ancient traditional holistic health system of India. holy basil is known as “The Incomparable One”, “The Mother Medicine of Nature”, and “The Queen of Herbs”.

The ancient rishis insured the integration of Tulsi into daily life by incorporating it in religious rituals. Hindus perform pujas (religious rituals) several times a month on auspicious occasions. The rishis included leaves of the primary three varieties of Tulsi (Rama, Krishna and Vana Tulsi) in the Charanamrita of the puja . In this way people at all levels of society routinely consumed Tulsi to their health benefit during worship in their temples and households. As a sacred plant and goddess, Tulsi is worshipped and venerated daily by traditional Hindus, and is part of all such households today. It is typically grown in an earthen pot in the family home or garden.

“Modern scientific research offers impressive evidence that Tulsi reduces stress, enhances stamina, relieves inflammation, lowers cholesterol, eliminates toxins, protects against radiation, prevents gastric ulcers, lowers fevers, improves digestion and provides a rich supply of antioxidants and other nutrients. Tulsi is especially effective in supporting the heart, blood vessels, liver and lungs and also regulates blood pressure and blood sugar.” Dr. Ralph Miller, former Director of Research for the Canadian Dept. of Health and Welfare.

How can Tulsi offer so many health benefits?

The unique chemistry of Tulsi is highly complex. Tulsi contains hundreds of beneficial compounds known as phyto-chemicals. Working together, these compounds possess strong antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, adaptogenic, and immune-enhancing properties that promote general health and support the body’s natural defense against stress and diseases. The essential oils in the leaves of Tulsi that contribute to the fragrance and refreshing flavor of Tulsi Tea, are a particularly rich source of valuable phyto-chemicals.



  1. Dear friend,

    Thanks for introducing us with the reimbursement of “Tulsi”. It has many healing properties. I use its 4 or 5 leaves regularly. It purifies our blood and increase our stamina and capability of fighting against diseases.

    I have bookmarked your blog and will share it with all of mine friends.


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