Posted by: sakalaradiance | December 3, 2008

Affordable Green Holiday Gifts


Yay, it’s December!!!! Unfortunately the U.S. is officially in a recession and a lot of us are looking at really cutting back this holiday season. Whether you’re getting creative and crafty to create homemade goodies or are looking for some eco friendly, but reasonably priced offerings, here are some of my favorite suggestions from friends and a few online treasures that you can feel good about giving.

 This is my first installment in this series, but stay tuned in every week for more creative and unique finds on the cheap! Today’s treasures are from and would be totally desirable gifts even if they weren’t sustainable.

These imaginative handmade stuffed critters bring a smile to every child’s face, no matter what their age. Made from clean recycled wool sweaters and stuffed with shredded recycled polyester, each of our piglets, ducklings, penguins and elephants are handmade by the Pear Tree Studio and may be gently handwashed. Because they are made from unique, reused materials, each animal is one of a kind. Whether for decorating or for the toy box, they make a great addition to the family.


Jim Mullan and Tori Rhoades create jewelry from recycled watch parts and found objects for their company, Mullanium. Some of their pieces feature recycled metals — copper, brass and steel — plated with silver or enhanced with oxidation to provide an fascinating array of colors and finishes.



2008 Snowflake Ornament The designs are created in a small foundry from recycled broken window panes which are then crushed, melted, colored and poured into original molds. Each ornament hangs from a white ribbon (included). This foundry donates all profits to its immediate community.



I just love this ornament and it totally goes with my Holiday decor color scheme of red, silver and aqua. Gorgeous and Green!

I’ll be talking about homemade gifts for loved ones tomorrow, that express the personalization and love behind Christmas and not simply adding another posession to someone’s collection.


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