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Vata Hydrating Collection praised by SecondCityStyle!


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December 11, 2008

Beauty Beat. Banish Dry Winter Skin with DoshaCare



Winter is almost upon us and I don’t know about you, but I have noticed my skin is has been getting noticably

dryer in recent weeks.  As the seasons change and winter strolls along skin becomes loses hydration more quickly. That’s when it’s time to change up or your revisit your skincare needs. The DoshaCare Vata Collection is formulated with natural botanicals and royal Ayurvedic herbs to treat your skin with gentle cleansing and ultimate moisturization. Use the four step system or just switch out your elixir to keep skin be hydrated to perfection all winter long!Cleanse


A gentle cleansing cream, the Vata Cleansing Crème is formulated with Olive Oil which mimics the skin’s natural oils and protects the delicate moisture balance of the skin.

Hydrate and Purge

Soothe skin while providing nourishment and hydration with the Vata Hydrating Masque. Rose Hip provides intense hydration while Wild Yam Extract improves skin elasticity and moisture-retention levels for a more youthful appearance.


The Vata Hydrating Moisturizer provides deep hydration to skin using natural oils and botanicals. Avocado nourishes and conditions skin while Jojoba moisturizes and treats dry skin and wrinkles.


Whether you are a Vata, Kapha (oily) or Pitta (normal to sensitive) you may need a hydration boost in the dry winter months! The Vata Hydrating Elixir uses essential oils and nutrients to add maximum hydration to the skin. Use on clean skin or combine with any collection product for added moisturizing benefits. Protect and hydrate your skin during the cold winter months with DoshaCare products. I have been using theregimen for the past week and have noticed a huge improvement in my skin. Now I can’t wait for winter. OK, maybe I can, but my skin will probably look better than it has in years.

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The DoshaCare Vata collection is priced between $34 and $58 and is available at, Apothia at Fred

Segal, Chopin Chemists in New York and Laser Solutions in Beverly Hills

– Lauren Dimet Waters


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