Posted by: sakalaradiance | December 18, 2008

Affordable Eco-Chic Holiday Gifts Part Tres!


Welcome to my third installment of Affordable Eco Chic Holidays. I’d like to focus on handmade and homemade gifts today. As we know, I absolutely adore  They’ve got some great tips on homemade gifst using recycled products and garage sale finds. I found two really innovative ideas on the site, that I’d jump at in a second, to make for the people in my life.

09_window_frame-slideshowverticle1“Give an old, weathered window pane a new life as a photo frame. We love this gift idea for newlyweds. Gather one wedding photo for each pane (ours had six). To create easy photo mats, cut leftover wrapping paper or cardstock to fit inside each pane. Then, center each photo on its mat and secure using a non-toxic paste. Place the frame right-side down and then lay the matted photo (also right-side down) into each pane. Use a staple gun or tiny nails to secure. For extra protection, cut a piece of brown postal paper to cover the back of the frame and tape on. Hang using a picture-hanging kit.” I just love the look of a rustic piece mixed with more modern, elegant decor,  so you don’t have to be worried about matching the gift recipient’s decor.

10_limoncello-slideshowverticle Homemade Limoncello!  This would be a great gift for the men in your life. Have you ever met a man who doesn’t love a gift of liquor?”The trick to this classic Italian liquor is letting the lemon peels steep in vodka for at least two weeks or more, so be sure to plan ahead! This recipe calls for a basic mix of sugar, organic lemons and good-quality vodka (we like Square One Organic vodka). Bottle the limoncello in a clean, recycled wine bottle and gift it with a pair of antique glasses like these”. You could even include some beautiful italian biscuits or cookies.  Mini break to Tuscany anyone?


$ 40.00 on  My very favorite find! This handmade copper bead bracelet is truly chic with a conscience. These copper wire and bohemian glass bead bracelets are handmade by Zulu women living on the banks of the Tugela River in South Africa.  This site is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and Co-op America, with proceeds from the sales of these products benefit the artisans and their communities, with at least 50% of the product price paid to the artisans groups, and the remainder of the proceeds reinvested in community development, job creation, and training initiatives. They currently work with artisans in Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Zambia, Rwanda and Uganda to design, produce, and market high quality handmade products.  And they’re products are just, hands down, beautiful. Hmmmmm….. I need to get shopping. And always remember, it’s the time we get to spend with the people we love that is truly the gift of this season.


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