Posted by: sakalaradiance | January 7, 2009

In 2009 I vow to:

Finally start yoga. Okay, I admit it, for many years I said that I should start taking yoga. I think that finally, my maturity has caught up with me, and I’m actually centered and calm enough to invest an hour to slowing down, stretching out and focusing my energy. I’ve alwasy been more the cardio kickboxing, running 3 miles type. If it didn’t hurt and if people didn’t cringe at the thought of it, I didn’t think it was a grueling enough workout. Now that I’m headed towards 30, the idea of stretching all of my muscles and building strength without moving 80 miles a minute resonates with me much more. Not to mention the fact that yoga supposedly creates a leaner body line.

I thought I’d start out at home, so I don’t embarras myself in front of anyone until I get the hang of it. I found this hatha yoga video by on YouTube that looks just challenging enough and also has a sensual element to it.  Fun, right?

I’ll keep you all posted on my progress. In no time I’ll be a much calmer, much more limber person. Namaste.


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