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DoshaVibes Transforms Beauty Into Wellness

Authentically Radiant Skin Achieved with a Holistic Service Approach
Visit DoshaCare at the Discovey Beauty Section of Cosmoprof North America to Learn about DoshaVibes

In the centuries-old Indian Ayurvedic philosophy, authentic beauty is achieved through lifestyle choices that nourish the body and fulfill the mind. This healing system addresses all factors that influence the quality of life, such as maintaining a consistent daily routine, engaging in meditation and regular exercise, sustaining a healthy diet, and being in harmony with nature. In the professional environment authentically radiant skin is achieved by engaging all five senses through customized Ayurvedic Facial Services provided by DoshaCare and the new DoshaVibes. 

The DoshaVibes CD that was composed to complement DoshaCare Facial Services, specifically addressing each of the doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  Ayurveda combines the five elements in nature (water, earth, wind, fire and space) into three distinctive categories.  
-Vata, the air principal, is comprised of space and air. When we have too much Vata in our body, our skin is dry.  
-Pitta, the fire principal, is comprised of fire and water. Too much Pitta in our system will result in skin that can be sensitive.
-Kapha, the earth principal, is comprised of earth and water. Too much Kapha can result in oily, congested skin conditions.

Each DoshaVibe CD meets the unique needs of each dosha, resonating with the individual’s nervous system to bring them into the deepest level of relaxation possible. For the esthetician giving the service, each music composition provides cues to move to the next segment of the treatment. This allows the esthetician to perform the most relaxing manipulation in concert with the deepest relaxation of the nervous system, giving the client a meditative and restorative service that supports authentically radiant skin. The last segments of each CD are designed to gently guide the client out of the supremely relaxed state to a balanced consciousness of rejuvenated clarity.

The Vata Service is designed for dehydrated skin that requires nourishment to bring the natural function of sebum and moisture into balance. Skin is returned to balance with a breathing ritual and head massage inspired from India’s ancient traditions incorporated with deep cleansing and hydration treatment.

The Pitta Service is designed for sensitive skin that requires nourishment to soothe the over-heated system,  reducing inflammation, the biggest sources of premature aging, by incorporating gem stones and single note essential oils for the Pitta mind, body and spirit. Balance is restored by decreasing inflammation and increasing hydration.

The Kapha Service is designed for skin that is congested due to overactive sebaceous glands. Skin becomes nourished by decongesting pores, stimulating healthy circulation and strengthening the immune system. The rich tradition of Ayurveda incorporates Marma therapy (Ayurvedic version of acupressure) to balance Kapha mind, body and spirit.

Each of the three DoshaCare protocols have unique add-on features that can be performed in 55 or 75 minute format.

With DoshaCare Customized Ayurvedic Facial Services estheticians move from beauty services to wellness services providing clients the benefit of inner peace, outer radiance and ageless living.   DoshaCare is seeking professionals who are looking to offer a deeper level of customizable service by believing and practicing the following core concepts:
*True health is more than the absence of illness; it is a balanced state of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
*Balance is achieved by following a lifestyle that nourishes our body and fulfills our mind.
*Quiet introspection, or meditation, can be one of the most powerful tools for relaxing the mind and igniting our internal pharmacy.
*Our business thrives upon creating an experience that indulges the five senses – sound, sight, taste, touch, and smell. 
*Indulging the five senses allows us to reach a deeper level of being which is therapeutic, holistic and health supporting.
*By thoroughly educating and training our staff, we can provide a haven for health that supports inner and outer radiance.
*We don’t simply sell products; we take care of people.

If you are a beauty industry professional contact us for a meeting at Cosmoprof North America July 18th-21st in Las Vegas to become a DoshaCare Wellness center.  If you are a not in the professional beauty industry and would like to experience a DoshaCare service, visit your favorite salon or spa and tell them about DoshaCare and your desire to have one of our wellness services.  You can make a difference by letting your local beauty professional know that you are no longer interested in getting just a facial.  Times have changes and now you can have a treatment that restores your inner, outer and ageless health.


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