Posted by: sakalaradiance | September 22, 2009

DoshaCare Holistic Education Series Kicks Off

Discover Your Authentic Radiance

Education Series

Five Session – Timeless Treasures

Healthy Ayurvedic Treats Served At Each Session 

Session 1- Thursday, September 24 – 7-8:30pm  – Complimentary

Introduction to DoshaCare Ayurvedic Skincare.  Explore the opportunity to achieve authentic radiant skin.  If you are a salon professional, involved in a Yoga Studio or alternative health practitioner, or have a high end beauty boutique, explore the business opportunity with DoshaCare.  Learn the fun and simple way to teach men and woman how to create inner peace, outer health and ageless living. 

Session 2 – Thursday, October 1st – 7-8:30pm

Introduction to Ayurveda and How it Relates to Your Skin with Dr. Mark Vinick

Learn about the 5000 year old tradition of medicine from India-Ayurveda and why different people have differing types of skin; dry, sensitive, and moist. Understand simple and basic diet and lifestyle choices for harmony, balance and authentic radiance. 

 Dr. Mark Vinick successfully treats a variety of conditions based on his extensive knowledge of both modern and ancient healing sciences, and incorporates the best of numerous healing modalities. He is Board Certified in three multidisciplinary specialties: Pain Management, Anti-aging Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Session 3 – Thursday, October 8th – 7-8:30pm

Holistic Dentistry –An Integrated Health Approach with Dr. Jerry Bottomley

Your mouth and teeth are essential to overall health.  Dr. Bottomley’s holistic approach to dentistry blends traditional western medicine with various forms of eastern thought, alternative healing modalities and possibilities. Learn how your belief systems, dental situation, overall health, and personal circumstances play a part in ones authentic radiant health.

Dr. Jerry Bottomley has extensive post-graduate training in cosmetic, reconstructive and implant dentistry. Dr. Bottomley’s personal philosophy is a holistic integrated approach to dental care that includes understanding of Eastern and Western medical knowledge.

Session 4 – Thursday, October 22nd – 7-8:30pm

Discover and Explore – Business as Spiritual Practice with Susie Bottomley 

What if we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience? What if that spiritual nature has been banned from the board rooms of our world and the bottom line is reflecting that loss? What if every choice/decision took into account the highest good for all concerned and released our agendas to that purpose?

Susie Bottomley has a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She is sharing her personal journey of integration; tools, books, people, events and life experiences.

Session 5 – Thursday, November  5th – 7-8:30pm

8 Fold Paths to Authentic Radiance from the Inside Out with Patty Schmucker

What we put on the surface of our skin is one small element of discovering our authentic radiance.  Inspired by the traditions of Ayurveda, Patty will share a western approach to inner peace, outer health and ageless living. 

Patty Schmucker is Founder of DoshaCare, Customized Ayurvedic Skin Care.  She began her career as a licensed esthetician and has studied and developed Ayurvedic products and traditions for decades 

 $25 per Class or $60 for the Series (Session 1  is Complimentary)

All Classes Hosted at the Harmony Works Art & Soul Center

1705 South Catalina Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA

For information and reservation 310-802-7880 or


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