Posted by: sakalaradiance | March 26, 2010

First Lady’s “Let’s Move” Campaign Brings an Ancient Philosophy into Modern Focus

With Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign underway, obesity and its many surrounding issues have officially taken center stage.  This renewed focus on overall well-being calls to mind a simple concept that has been around for centuries – the importance of maintaining balance in our lives.  These days, if you’re like most of us, you are feeling less in balance than ever.  Changes in the way our society views and uses money, the way we communicate with each other, even the way we age, all have altered the way we live our lives.

It’s no wonder, then, that we all feel out of balance at times.  Do you feel as though you have drifted away from making healthier living choices?  Are these choices fast becoming a distant memory?  Are you starting to ask yourself whether strawberry cheesecake counts as part of your fruit and calcium intake?  Or, rationalize why a double cheeseburger at midnight is a good thing?  In moderation, we all know the occasional indulgence is fine.  But, again, it all comes back to balance.

No other generation has faced the kind of rapid and dramatic change that we currently face.   Still, what was true hundreds of years ago, is true today.  The ancient Indian teachings of Ayurveda emphasize the importance of maintaining balance in one’s life and within oneself – balance among mind, body and spirit, balance in our relationships with others and balance in how we, literally and figuratively, ingest and digest the world around us.

Let’s use the First Lady’s campaign as the inspiration to rediscover our authentically radiant selves, recognizing that our perfect self is made up of dualities – saint and sinner, doer and procrastinator, selfish and generous.  We accept this about ourselves and then we begin our life’s journey toward balance, with a breath and a smile.

A Balanced Approach to Skin Care

When we are out of balance, it shows.  It shows in our mood and behavior, and it shows in our appearance.  An effective skin care regimen has to be about more than just the “goop in the bottle.”  No amount of skin care products, no matter what they promise or how pretty the package, is going to mitigate the negative effects of poor eating habits or lifestyle choices, at least not for long.

Healthy skin is a direct reflection of a healthy lifestyle.  Many skin issues can be addressed with simple, common sense strategies that include a healthy diet, getting enough rest, finding productive ways to release stress, committing to an exercise routine that’s right for you and, of course, sun protection.  The rest is about choosing skin care products that are appropriate for your unique skin type and embracing a skin care ritual that works for your lifestyle.

Balanced Living that’s Soul Deep

The idea of pursuing a balanced, healthy lifestyle is one of the guiding principles behind the creation of DoshaCare’s collection of customizable Ayurvedic skin care.  Like Michelle Obama’s campaign, we, too, honor the sacred traditions of the past but in a way that is meaningful and relevant for today’s modern world.  Our philosophy has always been that beauty is more than skin deep, it’s soul deep.  As we each rediscover our own unique perfection, we can achieve the kind of truly authentic radiance that emanates from the inside out, for a balanced life of inner peace, outer health and ageless living.


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