Posted by: sakalaradiance | May 27, 2010

Enjoying the Journey…..

I hope you have your cup of coffee or tea ready…sit back, relax, and enjoy the third installment of “Enjoying the Journey”…….

This is the cornerstone of my imbalance. I run so hard trying to keep all the balls in the air. Healthy eating isn’t easy. It requires planning and preparation and there are some days that I am better at it than others. Sound familiar? Here is my plan and how my journey is enhanced by having DoshaCare in my life.

Rituals – Everyday I remind myself that taking care of me is an honor. I view the process of caring for me a special treat, ritual, and a ceremony to honor the gift that God created as me.

Routine – The single most important behavior in balancing my ingest and digest of the world is to raise and retire at the same time every day. Lights out no later than 10pm and rise in the morning before 6am each day optimizes my body functions.

Meditation – 5-30 minutes, twice a day makes an amazing difference in my life. This is so easy to say and sooooo amazingly difficult to accomplish. Very little gets in the way of my morning ritual of meditation, but there are so many distractions for the afternoon sessions. Work, exercise, social affairs, food, alcohol, etc. all create obstacles to this extra ritual of caring for me. On this journey I accept that the first step is awareness. The mere activity of writing this journal is one more way to help me make better choices so the afternoon session becomes more consistent in my life. Along the journey I am kind to myself in recognizing that our perfect self is made up of dualities – saint and sinner, doer and procrastinator, selfish and generous. I accept this about me and then continue my journey toward balance. The more I take time to breathe, the easier it is to make better choices to allow this important behavior to happen.

Stay tuned…..


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