Posted by: sakalaradiance | August 16, 2010

Eat, Pray and Love, An American Business Story

The book “Eat, Pray and Love”, inspired me as a business owner to develop a product company that would convey the essence of this story. Like the journey that the author experienced, my own journey has been filled with risk, challenges, fear, adventure, disappointments and triumphs. If a brand could be a person, this movie would be it’s story. It’s word would be faith.

Several years ago for Christmas, my sister gave me the book and I loved it so much, I bought several copies and passed them out. The key messages I gained from reading this book I summed up in one word, authenticity. I knew as I turned the last page, that the idea I had in my head to create a skin care company that would aspire to inspire women to re-discover authenticity, was an idea who’s time had come. DoshaCare, Customized Ayurvedic Skincare, was born a year later. At the heart of this brand are many of the same themes that Elizabeth Gilbert conveys in this story.

God is within us and we are instruments of his work. Have courage to take a risk and leave behind all that is comfortable, to find a path that allows us to be of service to others. Through this courage and service, we re-discover who we are and why we are really here. Sometimes living out of balance is actually how we learn to live a balanced life. These messages inspired me to create a product brand that is best convened with the tag line, “Balanced Living That’s Soul Deep.”

During the last two years we have been successful in bringing this company to life with 17 products made with 98% natural and organic ingredients and a commitment to environmental and social responsibility. As the owner of a product development and branding company, I knew all the right things to do to present to the market a brand that looks professional and commercial. Like Elizabeth, we started on the journey with a complete resolve. Elizabeth wanted to find herself. DoshaCare wants to find a way to make the principals from a tradition of medicine from India, Ayurveda, more understandable and assessable to the world.

I am 52 years old and have a full life of experience that includes a wonderful family and many of the tragedies and heart breaks that define the American culture. Child abuse, divorce, breast cancer and death have touched my life and at my lowest points, connection to God and the lessons learned through a 30 year exploration of Ayurveda, has helped me to experience a life that is rich and meaningful.

These experiences don’t make for a successful business. We launched DoshaCare in September of 2008. I was in my hotel room in Manhattan, New York, getting ready for our launch show when the news about the AIG collapse was announced. I remember asking myself, “how will this effect my company?”. Little did I know that despite the fact that two days later we received the award for best new product at the show, and having done all the right things to launch this brand the right way, I was about to embark on a journey where the most precious thing my business would need, access to capital, had just been stripped away.

Two years later we have been through our eating phase, consuming resources, learning new skills, experiencing both the gratitude of wonderful relationships and the emptiness of being alone. We remain in our prayer phase, studying the rich tradition of Ayurveda and passing on the holistic concepts of health in all our work. Today I feel that we have just arrived at our love phase. Many people have recognized the unique and wonderful being that this brand has become, but we haven’t connected with our soul mates that will provide the finicial resources to allow us to fully blossom. We have yet to “cross over” with the resources and support system for a life long journey.

Tomorrow, DoshaCare will open a 7 day trunk show at Henri Bemdels in New York, armed with the best product, message, presentation and people to further expose the brand to the market. I came from seeing the movie today and at the end I was blubbering like a baby. Partly because the movie brought to life all the messages that inspired me to make this brand. Partly because we have worked hard during the last 12 months to gain advertising opportunities that would have allowed us to tie into this movie release, with out success. But mostly I blubbered because I am clear that my journey, DoshaCare’s journey, is so much bigger then me and making money. We are here for the same purpose that Elizabeth discovered on her journey through Italy, India and Bali touching women during the journey and as a result of their intersection, these woman left richer in their souls, connected to other women that believed in their unique gifts and in their higher purpose for being here. Elizabeth and these woman took a risk and showed up.

My journey is just as hard, but today as I take the time to write down my thoughts, and strengthen my resolve that DoshaCare is God’s work through me. I must continue to show up and learn from all the teachers that continue to show up in my life. Nothing is forever and the real joy in life is in fact, the journey with faith and authenticity.



  1. Hi,

    I first learned of your product when you came to my school to do a presentation. Your product is so good. Just used it and my skin feels great.
    You should go on FaceBook and receive a wider audience.

    Continued Success

    Joe Rivera

    • Hey Joe,

      Thanks for the kind words. DoshaCare is on Facebook. Can you help us spread the word?

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