Posted by: sakalaradiance | November 24, 2010

Daily, Organic, Sustainable, Healthy, Ayurvedic Care

Our name has come to mean many things to many people. We have been blessed to attract an amazing team of people who are committed to, involved with, and nurturing DoshaCare. As we begin the holiday season my heart is filled with gratitude for the talented and committed people who have come into my life. During the holiday season I am going to share stories of some of these graceful souls.

The first is the Paladin Law GroupĀ® LLP. What is a Paladin? It is a heroic champion and a strong supporter or defender of a cause. Bret Stone, Ed Quevedo, and Sarah Isabel Parriott are keeping the promise of their brand in the work they are doing with DoshaCare.

Earlier this year we embarked upon a process to make DoshaCare one of the first personal care product companies to build not just a social and environmentally responsible brand, but to take it a step further and build a complete supply chain from cradle to grave that operates under a sustainable management system (SMS). Together with Paladin Law Group we are making great progress. We are so committed to this process that we are moving to put sustainablity in our brand name: Daily, Organic, Sustainable, Healthy, Ayurvedic Care.

To learn more about Paladin Law Group go to
To learn more about SMS and why it is important to our future, go to
To learn more about DoshaCare’s our work in this area, visit our blog and website in the future as we make our progress public.

For now, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.
Visit our Facebook and Twitter accounts for a special holiday offering.
Remember that we continuously interacting with, digesting and recycling the elements of nature as we move through out the world.
Move this season with grace and gratitude.



  1. Many thanks for sharing this great site information about DoshaCare.I also liked the information about Paladin provided by you.

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