Posted by: sakalaradiance | October 26, 2011

Shaving Ritual

Shaving Ritual with DoshaCare

how to shave properly Determine your Dosha:
Click on the link to
figure out your skin type:

Based upon your dosha and current skin condition, choose either the Pitta (normal/sensitive) or Kapha (oily/congested) cleanser. These provide the best slip needed for a close shave.

Shaving Steps:
• Apply the cleanser to face moistened with water in circular motions to create a gentle lather.
• Use the razor to shave your face in an upward motion against the grain. Apply more cleanser if necessary for extra lather.
• After you rinse the skin clean, apply the appropriate elixir. Pitta would be best for any possible post shaving sensitivity.
• Apply appropriate DoshaCare moisturizer.
• For extra skin soothing, apply DoshaCare Environmental Shield as a final step.

That’s it!


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